Power & Heat Generation


Pumps are an indelible part of the electricity generation process. As such, they need to be operating 24/7/365 in order to ensure uninterrupted power supply in the electricity plant. The pumps we offer are currently serving nearly one hundred of the power and CHP plants in Poland and abroad. After many years of operation, the pump installations have proven to be reliable and power efficient. The reliability of pumps is crucial for the safety of the working conditions in mines. They take an active part in regulating the millions of cubic metres of chemically aggressive water coming out of the rocks.  The pumps we offer are currently serving more than 100 underground and open-pit mines throughout Europe.

Chemical & Petrochemical

Water and waste water

Pumps lie at the heart of the chemical industry, which supplies the blood of modern economy – fuels and chemicals. They are responsible for delivering thousands of tones of toxic chemicals at extremely high temperatures and pressures and as such – they need to be extremely durable and reliable. The process pumps we offer are made in compliance with the recognized world standard of API 610 and have proven to be ensuring immaculate safety for workers and equipment at the chemical plant.   Complex pump systems are the core of clean water supply. We offer top-class pump installations for water treatment plants and second-stage pumping stations that provide water for millions of people worldwide. Also, we have pumping solutions for transport systems and waste water treatment plants, which enable water to be recycled in an environment-friendly way.

Industry Pumps

Agricultural and Irrigation

The general purpose and flexible design of our pumps make them adjustable to the specific requirements of a wide range of industries from metallurgy and cement plants to sugar and brewing industry. We can offer you the perfect combination of parameters that could make the exact pump system match for your specific industry case.   Pumps play a great role in agricultural irrigation where water is delivered from underground water-bearing strata, lakes or rivers straight to the surface or to the areas that need to be irrigated. We can offer you a wide range of pumps that respond to all types of irrigation requirements of the public and private sectors.