Type FZ

Submersible, single-stage impeller pumps with various types of flow systems adjusted to pumped utility with multi-blade, channel or free flow impellers (Super-Vortex). The suction stub pipe is positioned vertically, the forcing stub pipe is positioned to the side. Axial force is transmitted by a bearing. Anti-friction bearings are greased with plastic grease that does not need cooling. Double mechanical packing of the shaft in the oil chamber. Waterproof asynchronous motor with a squirrel-cage rotor, three-phase with surface cooling via a housing with special finning, adjusted to operation after submersing. The motor stator possesses F class of insulation (+155 C degrees), IP48 degree of protection and continuous winding temperature control provided by thermal switches mounted in each phase. There is a temperature limiter in the baffle separating the motor chamber and instrument chamber that plays the role of the protection devices tripping off the pump drive at the excessive motor temperature buildup, e.g. at \”dry\” running.
As a standard the pumps are delivered with a feeding cable of 15 min