About Us

“From design to end product – the whole production cycle in our hands”

We offer a wide range of pumps, fans, sieves and other machines deployed by deep mines, opencast mines, power & heat generators, and general industries, etc.

Our pumps, machines and solutions are produced in the biggest Polish pump factory, in full compliance with the highest pumping technology standards.

Our equipment has been designed to operate in the most extreme conditions on Earth. We have installed equipment from 1,000 metres underground and  10 metres underwater, up to 1,500 metres above the sea level. Also, we have pumps working equally well in the frosts of Siberia and the heat and moisture of India.



Turn-Key Projects

We have a special turn-key solution for large-scale investment projects. It covers all stages of pump system implementation including assessment of the system’s condition, modernization/installation of a new pumping system including adjustment, control and measurement instruments and automation, as well as supervision of the startup and testing operations.

“Design, suitability and performance – our Turn-key projects”

Each of our turn-key projects is tailored to your particular requirements. For instance, we could offer you system modernization after continuous operation, a specific pump version, a solution to optimizing the system’s cost-efficiency, etc.



We could offer you trainings tailored to your needs in terms of topics and professional level. These include both standard trainings in operating with a typical supply station, as well as extra pumping trainings that are not directly related to the products we offer.

“Europrosper ITS offers training services”

Training topics could be (not limited to):

  • How to select the proper pump for a system
  • How pumps operate
  • Pump repair policy principles
  • Power efficiency in pumping systems

Europrosper ITS

An expert in pumping technologies

We offer comprehensive pumping  systems and equipment as well as turn-key projects, which are tailored to the customers’ specific needs. Also, we maintain a product catalogue with more than 60 different types of pumps.

The largest manufacturer of industrial pumps in Poland

The production process is backed up by more than 100 years of experience in industrial pumping and the expertise of more than 60 designers who are continuously working to improve it by deploying the latest cutting edge technologies.

Working with power and petrochemical industries Worldwide

Our pumping solutions are also used in water supply systems as some of the pumps have been operated  for tens of years already. Also, we offer a full service for our products including repairs and modernization.

Cooperation with the leading scientific centres in Poland

Our partners efficient manufacturing infrastructure in Warsaw and Zabrze is constantly modernized and fully prepared to manufacture and test pump prototypes. The company employs over 600 well trained workers in total.