About Us

Europrosper ITS (Industrial Technology Solutions) – is a company with a long-term experience in supplying specialized equipment to the industry.
We offer a wide range of pumps, fans, sieves and other machines deployed by deep mines, opencast mines, power & heat generators, and general industries, etc.

Products offered by us, the  pumps, machines and solutions are produced in full compliance with the highest pumping technology standards.

The equipment we offer has been designed to operate in the most extreme conditions on Earth. It has been installed in environment from 1,000 metres underground and  10 metres underwater, up to 1,500 metres above the sea level. Also, we have pumps working equally well in the frosts of Siberia and the heat and moisture of India.

Offered by us  pumps, fans, and sieves had been supplied to a number of chemical factories, tens of power plants and mines, thousands of waterworks, and many other industries.

From design to end product – the whole production cycle in best hands
The manufacturing of pump components and the assembly of finished machines is a very precise process, where tolerance is measured in tiny fractions of millimetre. This is why, we work only with companies that makes continuous investments in the development and ergonomics of their employees, and now avail of a highly qualified casting personnel with many years of experience behind their back.

To guarantee the highest product quality to our customers, all pumps are tested on a testing stations, which are equipped with computer-based measuring instruments for end users to check the parameters of the pumps ordered in real time.

Once the product is approved by the customer, our service personnel will ensure a professional installation at their location.