Type F and FK

Stationary, single-stage vertical centrifugal pumps with closed impellers of large passages and spiral discharge casings. F pump inlet flanges are positioned horizontally, transverse to the pump centreline and tangentially to the discharge volute. F pumps are available in different design options:
F-M – with the hydraulic part submerged in the liquid handled. Inlet channel is directed downwards, along the pump centreline. Shafts are mounted in metal slide bearing lubricated with grease dosed by a grease pump, included in the scope of supply.
F-S – \”dry\” design; liquid is supplied to the inlet flange by a pipeline.
FK – shortened version
F-S and FK pump shafts are mounted in grease lubricated roller bearings. Axial thrust, in certain pumps reduced by balancing holes, is absorbed by roller bearings or, in the largest pumps, by slide oil-lubricated bearings, which require water cooling. Shaft seal: gland seal.
Standard materials of construction: Cast elements: grey cast iron.
Shafts, pipes, motor base: structural carbon steel