Type OG

Qmax=375m3/h – Hmax=260m 


The OG type pumps are designed for deep mine dewatering. The parameters cover the range required in this application: capacities of hundreds cubic meters per hour and heads up to 1300 meters.The robust design of OG pumps is adequate for adverse operating conditions typical for mine dewatering.The pumps are designed to stand increased external loads and the presence of mechanical and chemical contaminations in the mine water.

For the sake of those design features the OG pumps, beside the basic application in deep mine dewatering are also applicable in other industries, where there is a need for pumping contaminated fluids, such as:

steel industry
cement and lime plants.


OG are horizontal, stationary, multistage, ring-section pumps. The delivery flanges are directed vertically upward suction flange is directed horizontally, left or right according to the needs. Closed impellers and vane diffusers are applied. The axial thrust is absorber by a balance disk. Two alternative kinds of bearings can be applied: oil lubricated slide bearings or grease lubricated roller bearings. The shat seal can be sealed by a gland or mechanical seal.


The materials of construction for the OG pumps are selected accordingly to the handled fluid. There are three standard material versions:

basic – for water containing no contaminations
wear-resistant – for water containing solids
salt-resistant – for chemically contaminated water with solids presence.

Special material versions can be selected for handling non-typical fluids.


Part name


Part name

1 Shaft 8 Centrifugal supply guide
2 Bearing housing cap 9 Tie bolt
3 Bearing bushing 10 Centrifugal guide
4 Bearing housing 11 Discharge casing
5 Suction casing 12 Balance disc
6 Stage casing 13 Mechanical seal
7 Impeller

Pump type

Dimensions [mm]

Number of stages








200 OG 4 1850 550 1190 1560 860 240 200
5 1940 640
6 2030 730
7 2120 820
8 2210 910
9 2300 1000

Pump type

Number of stages

Q [m3/h]

H [m]

Rotation speed
n [rpm]

Shaft power
P [kW]

m [kg]

200 OG 4 375 560 2950 745 1745
5 700 930 1872
6 840 1115 1999
7 980 1300 2126
8 1120 1485 2253
9 1260 1670 2380

The parameters are specified for clean water of density ρ=1000 kg/m3 and temperature T=15°C.