Type A-P7

Centrifugal, single-stage, horizontal process pumps, designed for difficult operational conditions in compliance with API 610 and PN-ISO 9905 standards and European Directive 94/9WE within the scope of ExII2Gc(T1÷T2) marking. Pumps of modular, design containing three main assemblies: spiral pump casing, casing cover integrated with seal chamber and bearing housing.
Pump casing is supported on the lugs at the pump axis. Suction flange is located at the pump axis, delivery flange is directed radially upwards. Flanges can be alternatively machined according to PN-ISO (PN40) or ANSI (300 lbs) standard. Starting from delivery flange diameter DN100, pump casings are of double spiral type.
The pumps are equipped with large seal chamber designed to accommodate both single and double mechanical seals of cartridge or non- cartridge type.
The ribbed bearing housing is equipped with a large oil sump and long-life roller bearings.

Standard material execution:
Carbon cast steel In class: S-1, S- 4, S-5, S-6, S-8, chrome cast steel 12%Cr in class C-6, austenitic cast steel A-8 (material classes in accordance with API 610).

Special executions available:
Pumps with heating jacket of the casing. Cooling of the bearing housing . Stuffing box cooling/heating.