Type OZ

Qmax=1200m3/h – Hmax=100m 


The basic application of OZ is open cast mine dewatering.

The OZ pumps are resistant to increased external loads and to the presence of solids and chemicals in the pumped liquid. Pumps must work in complete submergence. The capacity is up to 1600 m3/h and head exceeds 100 m.

For the sake of its design features the OZ pumps can be applied in any other situation where adverse operational condition occur, such as sand and gravel mines, raw water intakes etc.


Submersible, vertical single-stage centrifugal pumps with single-stream impeller mounted directly on the end of the electric motor shaft. The pumps are equipped with vane radial diffusers.

Hydraulic part is located above the motor. Between the hydraulic part and the motor there is an oil chamber with double mechanical seal. Since the chamber is subject to hydrostatic pressure the motor shaft seal is not subject to pump delivery pressure. Discharge flange is located at the axis of the pump and directed vertically upwards. The pumps can be installed on the bottom of the tank or hanged on the delivery pipeline.

The pump is driven by 400, 500 or 6000V electric dry and waterproof type motor designed for work in submergence up to 10 meters with IP X8 degree of protection.


OZ pumps are manufactured with three material versions: standard, wear-resistant and salt-resistant.


Part name

1 Seal ring
2 Shaft protecting sleeve
3 Mechanical seal
4 Suction casing
5 Oil
6 Discharge casing
7 Impeller bolt
8 Impeller
9 Centrifugal guide
10 Parallel key
11 Shaft
12 Suction rose
13 Mechanical seal
14 Electric otor
15 Plug
16 Base

Pump type

Dimension [mm]




OZ-150 710 1120 150
OZ-200 710 1393 200
OZ-200A 710 1393 200
OZ-200W 1285 2118 200
OZ-400 1600 2140 400
OZ-400W 1400 2500 400
OZ-400M 1400 2250 400

Pump type

Q [m3/h]

H [m]

Rotation speed
n [rpm]

Motor rated power
Ps [kW]

m [kg]

OZ-150 OZ-150A 260 36,0 1500 37 724
OZ-200 OZ-200A 500 40,0 1500 75 895
OZ-200A OZ-200A/A 425 33 1500 75 895
OZ-200W 500 100 1500 220 2817
OZ-400 1200 49 1500 220 2934
OZ-400M 1200 75,0 1500 360 3816
OZ-400W 1200 100 1500 500 4750

The parameters are specified for clean water of density ρ=1000 kg/m3 and temperature T=15°C.