Type P-C

Qmax=120m3/h – Hmax=60m 


P-C pumps are designed to handle mine and industrial water containing solids.

Typical applications include:

Underground mines – for mine face dewatering, including cases where methane hazard or coal dust explosion hazard are present,
construction site dewatering.


Submersible, single stage impeller pumps with closed impellers mounted directly on electric motor shaft under the motor. The motor is cooled by the fluid pumped through a cooling jacket. The delivery flange is located at the upper part of the pump. Pump shaft is sealed by double mechanical seal in the oil chamber between the impeller and the motor.

The pump set is equipped with monitoring system consisting of motor bearings and windings temperature sensors, moisture sensors and electric protections against overload or dry run of the pump.

The pumps are compliant with Atex directive and are certified for operation at sites exposed to explosion hazard – I M2c, EEx dl.

Non Atex version of smaller mass is also available.


Standard version: impeller – wear-resistant cast steel, pump casing– aluminum alloy, shaft, bolts, nuts – stainless steel. In salt-resistant version all elements are made of stainless cast steel.


Part name

1 Mechanical seal
2 Shaft
3 Spring washer
4 Joining bolt
5 Discharge flange
6 Motor
7 Plug
8 Discharge casing
9 Parallel key
10 Impeller nut
11 Impeller
12 Suction cover
13 Suction rose

Dimensions [mm]

Pump type




W 350 400 518
H 826 1130 1200
Dt 65 100 100

Pump type

Rated Capacity
Q [m3/h]

H [m]

Rated rotary speed
n [rpm]

Motor rated power
Ps [kW]

m [kg]

wyk N/wyk W
63/40 16/20 3000 4 105
wyk N/wyk W
63/40 16/20 3000 4 105
P-3CC/II-Ex 135 28 3000 18,5 233
P-3CC/IIEC-Ex 135 28 3000 18,5 233
P-3CA/IIS 135 28 3000 18,5 233
P-4CA/I 120 60 3000 37 585

The parameters are specified for clean water of density ρ=1000 kg/m3 and temperature T=15°C.