Type YS

Qmax=230m3/h – Hmax=800m  APPLICATION YS pumps are designed to handle industrial and boiler water with temperature up to 150°C in all types of industrial installations requiring good suction properties. Typical application include: boiler feeding pumping of condensate… more →

Type Z

Qmax=800m3/h – Hmax=2500m  APPLICATION Z-type pumps are designed to operate as boiler feeding pumps in power plants. They can also be applied in any other industrial application where clean, hot water of pressure up to 230 bar… more →

Type A

Qmax=1250m3/h – Hmax=50m  APPLICATION The A pumps are universal, general purpose pumps designed to handle different fluids such as clean, cold water, hot water, contaminated water and chemicals. They are applicable in many industries including, for example,… more →