Type OSZ

Qmax=155m3/h – Hmax=87m 


OSZ pumps are typically applied  for open cast mine  and deep mine dewatering.They are also applicable in any other case when submersible pumps of medium capacity and head are required to pump contaminated water.


Multi-stage, vertical, submersible centrifugal pumps with closed impellers and vane diffusers. Water inlet is located around the perimeter between then pump and the motor while the delivery flange is  directed horizontally  at the upper part of the pump.

The roller bearings are installed in oil chambers sealed by mechanical seals. Thus the presence of abrasive solids in the pumped fluid does not affect the bearing operation. The upper  bearing absorbs the axial thrust.

The pump is driven by dry type submersible motor located under the pump. The power from electric motor is transmitted via a flexible coupling. The motor has own roller bearings. The pump set is equipped with the monitoring system including bearings and motor windings temperature sensors as well as water presence sensors in the oil chambers and  in the motor.

Materials of construction

Impellers, diffusers, casings are made of cast iron or stainless cast steel.


Part name

1 Discharge flange
2 Stage casing
3 Tie bolt
4 Guide vane
5 Vane diffuser
6 Impeller
7 Bearings
8 Suction strainer
9 Hanger
10 Hanging bracket
11 Mechanical seal
12 Level sensor
13 Shaft
14 Mechanical seal
15 Suction casing
16 Motor

Dimension [mm]

Pump type



Number of stages





H 1600 1500 1700 1574
h 1360 1260 1443 1317
W 860 880
Dt 100 150

Pump type

Number of stages

Q [m3/h]


H [m]

Rotation speed
n [rpm]

Motor power

Ps [kW]


m [kg]

OSZ-100 2 90 56 1475 37 827
3 84 892
OSZ-150 2 155 58 1475 75 1044
3 87 1150

The parameters are specified for clean water of density ρ=1000 kg/m3 and temperature T=15°C.