Flat sieves

Flat slotted sieves are applied for different branches of economy. We produce sieves sheets or framed and stiffened sieves acc. to our or customer’s documentation and from different kinds of materials in dependence on customers needs. Our sieves are widely used in mining industry for mechanical processing of coal, enrichment and preliminary classification, in screens type WP – 1, WP – 2, PWP – 1. e also produce sieves for different types of screens Excluding mining industry the sieves are used everywhere technological process requires separation of liquid and solids as well as everywhere classification of water mixture for products of different grain sizes is necessary. Depending on needs slotted sieves are made of profiled wire in welded or loop variety in full range of slots sizes. 
Please see the example of flat sieve with frame made acc. to the branch standard BN – 80/1758 – 07. 

ieve length Lmax [mm] 3000 (longer needs arrangement)
Assortment width B1 [mm] 200 (changes for customer’s wish)
Sieve width B [mm] max. 2000 (wider acc. to arrangements)