Slotted Sieves

Looped sieves

Slotted loop sieves are made of specially shaped profile wires with loops. The wires are formed in plastic forming on the presses from usual round wire. Defined profile and assigned loop width are being given in… more →

Slotted welded sieves

Slotted welded sieves are composed from profiled wires set one next to another in constant, defined spaces, joined with each other with the bars welded from the bottom. Wires used for sieves production are made in… more →

Flat sieves

Flat slotted sieves are applied for different branches of economy. We produce sieves sheets or framed and stiffened sieves acc. to our or customer’s documentation and from different kinds of materials in dependence on customers needs…. more →

Arc sieves

Arc sieves in mining industry are applied for dewatering products after enrichment process in suspensions or in sedimentation processes. They can also be used for fine coal desludging or in sludge control against flotation. Excluding mining… more →

Baskets for dewatering centrifuges

Other devices made from slotting sieves are baskets for dewatering centrifuges. The most common are cone baskets used in centrifuges type WOW, HSG, Nael 3a, applied for final dewatering of fine coal or other products. We… more →

Centrifugal sieve type OSO

Sieves type OSO belongs to the group of static processing devices applied for fine coal desludging and dewatering. This devices do not use energy, do not need any service and do not emit noise. OSO sieves… more →