Folding Sieves


Single-notch folded sieves of the square mesh are very often used for screening loose materials of high or medium ability to be screened. They enables to obtain good acuity of solids class separation and are characterized… more →


Folded multi-notch sieves used in vibrating screens and applied for screening coal and other loose materials in dry and moist processes as well as for dewatering, desludging and flushing. materials. Due to a large clearance space… more →

Pressed sieves

Pressed folded sieves are applied for classification of large grain feed and can be used for preliminary, initial as well as for final classification of coal or other loose materials.Light type can be used for material… more →

Catches for tighten sieves

For best feed classification results and maximum durability, the sieve needs to be attached to the screen very tightly. Depending on the mode of tightening and the wire thickness, tightened sieves could be equipped with different… more →