Type PZ

Submersible single-stage axial-flow propeller pumps with vane diffusers. PZ pumps are designed to be installed directly in vertical pipelines or in concrete seats between two water tanks. The outer side of the pump diffuser is equipped with a conical flange to be fixed in the seat. Water enters the pump through inlet funnel and is discharged through the diffuser, along the pump axis. Pump impeller and motor rotor are mounted on the same shaft, on roller bearings, one of which absorbs the axial force. The bearings are grease lubricated and do not require additional cooling. Shaft is sealed by a double mechanical seal in oil chamber. Electrical cables, which are led out from the motor casing, are sealed in stuffing boxes, filled with resin. PZ pumps are equipped with a electronic device for pump operation monitoring, which controls the degree of humidity in the motor casing, the bearing and motor windings temperatures and the presence of water in the seal oil chamber, shutting the pump down in case if critical value of any of these parameters is exceeded.

Standard materials of construction:
Vanes/blades: bronze or alloy cast steel.
Shaft: alloy stainless steel.
Other cast elements: grey cast iron.