Type OŁ

Qmax=300m3/h – Hmax=18m 


OŁ pumps are designed to handle slurries containing high concentration of solids such as sand, gravel, stone, coal, slag, ores, clay, whitewash, tailings etc.

Typical application include:
Mines – in coal or ore processing plants
Mineral raw materials mines – for hydraulic transport of sand, gravel and stones
Power industry – for hydraulic disposal of slag and ash
Steelworks – for pumping water with scale
Cement plants – for pumping sand and raw materials
Sugar factories – for pumping industrial waste


Stationary, single-stage, centrifugal, horizontal slurry pumps with closed impellers. The suction flange is positioned horizontally at side of the pump while the delivery flange is located vertically upwards. The pump casing is protected from inside by replaceable wear resistant liners. The axial thrust is absorbed by a thrust roller bearing. The bearings are oil lubricated. The shaft is sealed by a stuffing box with a gland water led to the lantern ring. Stuffing box is located on the suction side of the pump. The entire rotating assembly can be shifted in axial direction in order to adjust the sealing gap between the impeller and the front liner.

The pumps can be powered directly via a coupling or via a v-belt transmission.


Wet end components are made of MTL-26 – wear resistant high chromium alloy cast steel.


Part name


Part name


Part name

1 Cover 5 Impeller 9 Distance sleeve
2 Tie bolt 6 Distance ring 10 Shaft protective sleeve
3 Discharge casing 7 Back wear plate 11 Stuffing box guard
4 Front wear plate 8 Suction casing

Dimension [mm]

Pump type




L 1500 1542 1608
a 184 210 230
W 750 785 785
k 400 435 435
j 220 245 272
H 720 780 825
h 400 400 400
Ds 80 150 200
Dt 80 100 150

Pump type

Q [m3/h]

H [m]

Rotation speed
n [rpm]

Shaft power
P [kW]

m [kg]

OŁ-80A 90 19 960 8,4 ~ 713
OŁ-100A 165 20,5 960 14 ~ 848
OŁ-150A 300 18 960 20,7 ~ 979

The parameters are specified for clean water of density ρ=1000 kg/m3 and temperature T=15°C.