Type PH-S

Qmax=315m3/h – Hmax=44m 


PH-S pumps are used for pumping liquids containing significant amounts of solid particles (sludge). Permissible pumped liquid gravity is mainly 1700 kg/m3, but in individual cases, depending on the type of medium, pumping slurries of higher density is permitted at a limited rotary speed. The maximum allowable sizes of sold particles (passage) increase with the pump size and can reach 100 mm.

PH-S pumps are used in mining and their typical application is in pumping systems where the ability to pump mixtures containing solids of considerable size is required, for example in hydro transport of waste.

PH-S pumps are single-stage horizontal centrifugal pumps designed for pumping of liquid mixtures and solids of considerable size. The inlet connection port is at the pump axis, and the discharge connection port in the basic version is directed vertically upwards, laterally offset relative to the axis of the pump. If there is an installation requirement, it is possible to mount the helical casing of the pump in a different position, so that the discharge connection port is directed in other than vertical position. PH-S pumps have open impellers working inside the casing cavity. These are the so-called free-flow impellers resistant to blocking with solids. This allows for the PH-S pump to be able to pump a mixture with solids of considerable size. Pump components in contact with the pumped medium (impeller and casing) are made of special Design materials (alloy steel casts) resistant to abrasion.

PH pump bearings are adapted to transmit additional dynamic loads that can appear due to the imbalance of the rotating unit caused by its wear. It has been envisaged for the bearings to transmit additional lateral loads that appear with a belt drive. Oil lubricated rolling bearings are fitted. The pumps are equipped with bearing coolers.

The basic shaft sealing version is made as a cord packing with a water lock preventing the penetration of solids to the gland. Mechanical sealers, adapted to sludge, are also used.

Larger pumps PH-S are equipped with a boom for easy removal of the pump at the workplace.

PH-S pumps can be made in a vertical version.

In the standard version of the PH-S pump elements of the flow system, a hard-wear alloy steel cast is used. Cast iron is used for the elements of bearing system. Carbon steel cast and copper cast iron are used in manufacturing remaining castings.


Part name

1 Bearing assembly
2 Stuffing box casing
3 Liner
4 Discharge flange
5 Pedestal
6 Impeller
7 Casing

Dimension [mm]

Pump type



L 1073 1273
a 133 170
W 602 642,5
k 212 205
H 610 735
h 280 335
Ds 100 100
Dt 150 150

Pump type

Q [m3/h]

H [m]

Rotation speed
n [rpm]

Shaft power
P [kW]

m [kg]

PH-100S 185 48 1450 53 330
PH-150S 315 44 1450 80,5 609

The parameters are specified for clean water of density ρ=1000 kg/m3 and temperature T=15°C.

Pump type

Maximum solid size [mm]

Maximum pressure in the pump [MPa]

PH-100S 75 1
PH-150S 100 1,05