Single-stage pump

Type A

Qmax=1250m3/h – Hmax=50m  APPLICATION The A pumps are universal, general purpose pumps designed to handle different fluids such as clean, cold water, hot water, contaminated water and chemicals. They are applicable in many industries including, for example,… more →

Type A-P

Qmax=1250m3/h – Hmax=50m  APPLICATION The A-P pumps are designed to handle chemical products of high temperature and pressure. Due to the robust design, apart from the basic application in chemical plants, the A-P pumps can be applied… more →

Type B

Qmax=5000m3/h – Hmax=90m  APPLICATION The B pumps are designed to handle hot, clean and slightly contaminated water. They can be applied in water supply systems, industrial cooling systems, and, for the ability to pump hot water, in… more →

Type D

Qmax=37500m3/h – Hmax=24m  APPLICATION D type pumps are typically applied at water intakes and as cooling water pumps in power plants and other industrial installations. They are also applicable in any other cases when high capacity is… more →

Type F and FK

Stationary, single-stage vertical centrifugal pumps with closed impellers of large passages and spiral discharge casings. F pump inlet flanges are positioned horizontally, transverse to the pump centreline and tangentially to the discharge volute. F pumps are… more →

Type FY

Qmax=262m3/h – Hmax=34m  APPLICATION The FY type pumps are designed to handle fluids of higher density and viscosity, such as contaminated water, sewage, juices, lime slurries etc. The typical applications include sugar factories, waste water treatment plants,… more →

Type FZ

Submersible, single-stage impeller pumps with various types of flow systems adjusted to pumped utility with multi-blade, channel or free flow impellers (Super-Vortex). The suction stub pipe is positioned vertically, the forcing stub pipe is positioned to… more →

Type HC

Qmax=600m3/h – Hmax=120m  APPLICATION HC pumps are designed to handle slurries containing high concentration of solids such as sand, gravel, stone, coal, slag, ores, clay, whitewash, tailings etc. Typical application include: Mines – in coal or ore… more →

Type HCR

Qmax=1200m3/h – Hmax=36m  APPLICATION HCR slurry pumps are used for pumping liquids containing substantial amounts of large particle sizes. Permissible pumped liquid density of 1700 kg/m3 is usual, but in individual cases, depending on the type of… more →

Type MF

Qmax=240m3/h – Hmax=37,5m  APPLICATION MF pumps are designed to handle slurries containing high concentration of fine solids. Typical application include: Copper ore processing plants Hydraulic transport of sand FGD installations in power plants DESIGN Stationary, horizontal, single-stage… more →