Type WWOE – 630

The Axial Jet Fans type WWOE – 630 are driven by electric motors. They are applied, among others, for auxiliary ventilation of the underground mining excavations in non-methane mains. They can be used as jet fans or be connected to φ 800 mm air ducts. Alternatively there is an option to adapt the fan for φ 630 mm air duct.

Basic advantages:

  • high operational reliability level
  • designed on the basis of many years experiences concerning air duct fans production,
  • certificate for underground operating in non-methane mines,
  • possibility of operation as both jet and air duct fan.

Nominal parameters of fan:

  • Nominal output [V,m3/s] 9,0
  • Total pressure [ΔPc,Pa] 1000
  • Diameter of ventilation piping [D,mm] 800 lub 630
  • Voltage [U,V] 500
  • Power of electric motor[Ns,kW] 11
  • Rotational speed[n,r.p.s.] 49
  • Efficiency[μa ] 0,8
  • Air thrust range [m] 70
  • Mass of fan [m, kg] 295