Type WLEP – 605

Electric-pneumatic air-duct fans.

Fan WLEP – 605 is designed to be complementary airing excavations, mainly in the fields of methane mines I, II, III, and IV categories and can be used for suction and discharge operation. Fan WLEP – 605 cooperates with a lute string diameter of 600 mm. The main drive motor is an electric fan. When the concentration of methane in the ribbed air rises above an acceptable, switched off the power supply from the switch and valve switches electro-pneumatic drive fan. If there is pressure in the air, connecting the turbine air from the solenoid valve, pressure sensor turns off the power supply fan motor windings. In addition, a signal is fed to mine contactor switch causes a break in the control circuit. This is the case, disconnect the power supply fan from the switch or solenoid valve damage. Fan WLEP – 605 axial fan, single-rotor operating system – steering wheel. The rotor has a welded structure in the outer rim of the extruded shaped groove, wherein the turbine blades are mounted pneumatic and embedded in the shaft end of the electric motor. Fan on the customer’s request can be equipped with a silencer.

Parametry techniczne jednostka Napęd elektryczny Napęd pneumatyczny
Wydajność nominalna [V,m³/s] 5,5 5,7
Spiętrzenie całkowite [∆Pc,Pa] 1471 1471
Średnica lutnio-ciągu [D,mm] 600 600
Napięcie zasilania [U,V] 500 Nadciśnienie spręż. pow. 0,39 MPa
Moc silnika elektrycznego [Ns,kW] 18,5
Prędkość obrotowa [n,obr/s] 50
Sprawność zespołu ] 0,52 0,24
Masa wentylatora [m, kg] 932 404