Type WLE – 1005B/CZ

The fan is applied for outlet and inlet ventilation in underground mining plants, where methane hazard and dust explosion can occur. This is an axial double-stage fan with electric drive. These high-depression fans have a counter-rotation arrangement, i.e each of them has two impellers of backward rotation to each other. The impellers are driven with separate flame-proof motors. The fan belongs to the Ist group M2 category of machines. The fan can be equipped with noise suppressors on customer’s demand. 

Nominal parameters of fan:

  • Nominal output [V,m3/s] 10,0
  • Total pressure [ΔPc,Pa] 3800
  • Diameter of ventilation piping [D,mm] 800
  • Voltage [U,V] 500 lub 1000
  • Power of electric motor[Ns,kW] 2 x 37
  • Rotational speed[n,r.p.s.] 49
  • Efficiency[μa ] 0,655
  • Mass of fan [m, kg] 1070
  • Electric items  I M2 c EExdI
  • Certificate FTZU 04 ATEX 0302