Type WLE – 1004A/1

The fan is applied for inlet ventilation in underground mining plants, where methane hazard and dust explosion can occur. This is an axial, single-stage fan with electric drive. It has been executed as explosion proof. The fan belongs to the Ist group M2 category of machines. It is also applied for operation with air cooling system. 

Nominal parameters of fan:

  • Nominal output [V,m3/s] 13,0
  • Total pressure [ΔPc,Pa] 2100
  • Diameter of ventilation piping [D,mm] 1000
  • Voltage [U,V] 500 lub 1000
  • Power of electric motor[Ns,kW] 37
  • Rotational speed[n,r.p.s.] 25
  • Efficiency[μa ] 0,7
  • Mass of fan [m, kg] 932
  • Electric items  I M2 c EExdI
  • Certificate FTZU 05 ATEX 0128